Jim DiCamillo, WLC’s President, was once again invited to be Principal for the Day in the Chino Valley Unified School District. This was Jim’s third time being selected for the honorary position, and considering WLC’s 30+ year history of designing and renovating schools throughout CVUSD it means that Mr. DiCamillo should complete his rounds sometime around the 2047-2048 school year!

This year Jim got to serve as Principal of Wickman Elementary School in Chino Hills. The 900 student K-6 Campus was designed by WLC and opened in September 2004 at the very beginning of CVUSD’s $150M Measure M local bond program.  This past November, CVUSD’s voters approved the $750M Measure G. This was due in large part to the wide spread success of the preceding program which built many new schools (including Wickman) and also renovated dozens of the District’s aging facilities.

While at Wickman, Mr. DiCamillo toured classes of every grade level, interacting with students and faculty alike. Jim got lots of positive feedback from the end users and was pleased to see that the campus was working just the way it had been designed, with learning spaces of varied shapes and sizes allowing collaboration, pull-out programs, group instruction as well as traditional classroom settings.

Wickman’s newest teacher, Elaina Russell (pictured here) recognized Mr. DiCamillo immediately upon him visiting her classroom. The last time she ran into him was when she was 10 years old running around the Club soccer fields of Southern California. Proving once and for all that time does indeed fly by!

Go Wildcats!

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