WLC Architects Presents: The CASH 2019 Annual Conference Highlights

The CASH 2019 Annual Conference Highlights

A Glimpse into WLC Architects’ Experience at the 40th Annual CASH Conference

WLC was honored to design and present the NextGen Experience at the CASH Conference Trade Show. The NextGen Experience was an interactive educational showcase and simulated classroom space, designed with the latest innovations in classroom interiors. Attendees were encouraged to try products and services connected with industry experts. The NextGen Experience was open at all times during this year's Trade Show.

THANK YOU to our partners, vendors, and installers for journeying with us for this incredible project!

Our firm also had a chance to celebrate a graduate from the CASH Academy: Associate Architect Ector Mojica. The CASH Academy was established to provide facilities professionals, district staff, contractors, and architects an opportunity to learn from experts in the field - to learn to be competent in a formidable range of information and experiences: from project bidding to construction management, from facility maintenance and repair to school board and public relations. In order to function effectively in a facilities leadership role, these skills and how they all relate together must be fully understood - not just conceptually, but in practical, real-world situations. WLC is extremely proud of Ector and his dedication in completing the CASH Academy course.

Kevin MacQuarrie, Principal Architect and Chairman of the Board for WLC Architects, had the distinct opportunity to present a workshop entitled "One Size Does Not Fit All: Designing Facilities With Safety In Mind." With a completely packed venue and over 180 attendees squeezed into the room, Kevin and the WLC Design Team led this collaborative workshop with unique approaches to school safety across different budgets, locations, needs, and district cultures.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this year's CASH Annual Conference! We look forward to seeing you next year!

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