WLC @ CASBO 2019 Annual Conference: Workshop & Expo Highlights

With the 2019 CASBO Annual Conference in San Diego, California coming to a close, we wanted to share some of our conference highlights! 

Beautiful weather, inspiring workshop speakers, and a chance to connect with both new and familiar faces made this year's CASBO Annual Conference a welcome segue into a vibrant spring season.


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WLC Principal Kevin MacQuarrie presented a workshop entitled "The Architect Selection Process:  A Critical Investment in the District's Future Facilities."  Along with Co-Presenter Eric Hall, President of Eric Hall & Associates, the duo shared with the attendees the intricacies of selecting the right architect to deliver the goals of each district.  A major emphasis on relationship building, along with creating a qualifications-based evaluation system for the selection process. 

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Hearing both sides of the story - from the district's view and also the architect's perspective - allowed the audience to understand how best practice plays an integral role in this dynamic relationship.  Great feedback and engaging questions were shared during the workshop - with the hope that these important conversations will yield great relationships and successful projects for districts in the future! 

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As the influence of technology grows each day, there is much opportunity to harness the power of these tools in telling the design story of each space.  WLC Principal Bruce Ou presented an interactive workshop at the NextGen Classroom Booth in this year's Business Expo entitled "Moving Beyond 2D:  How to Tell Your Project's Design Story Using Virtual Tools."  Bruce shared with the attendees the progression of lines and perspective - from its inception during the Renaissance through today.  The ability to move from a drawing on a page into an immersive environment once took months - if not years to accomplish.  With the availability of groundbreaking technology - like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Building Information Modeling (BIM) - designers can now take clients into 360 degree virtual spaces within seconds. 

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Attendees had a chance to explore some of the virtual environments WLC has designed, and experience what an augmented reality workflow looks like.  With the support of WLC's stellar IT Department, virtual reality headsets gave each user a taste of the future of design and collaboration.

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We would like to extend a warm THANK YOU to CASBO for an opportunity to present at our Workshop and the Business Expo!  Thanks also to our Booth Partners MeTEOR and Tarkett, along with our Technology Partners Extron and ViewSonic for their collaboration in making this year's Business Expo a success.  See you all next year in Palm Springs!


Michael Isidro