Devonshire Granada Hills Charter School

Devonshire Granada Hills Charter School

Granada Hills, CA

Granada Hills Charter School campus (our largest charter school to date) is a new campus for K-8 students totaling over 100,000 square feet in three stories on a 7.5 acre site in Granada Hills.

The design of the Devonshire Campus for the Granada Hills Charter Schools makes a decisive break from the traditional educational delivery paradigms of the past century. The 120,000 square foot, three story campus features a blended learning studio format for its core curriculum delivery model framed around an international baccalaureate program. Each of the nine studios features open ‘classroom’ spaces and is supported by a wet lab, conference room, project work space, faculty offices, restrooms and support functions.

Wireless instructional technology will permeate the entire environment with a targeted one-to-one device ratio. Faculty will move about the studio as facilitators of the instructional program. The IB model places a heavy emphasis on both exploration and presentation based learning.

The open, essentially wall-less studios afford significant space for group instruction and team teaching. The studios then come together for larger assemblies and presentations in the campus Multi-Purpose/Auditorium space as well as in the school’s exterior central courtyard.


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