El Rancho Charter School

El Rancho Charter School

Anaheim, California

The contemporary, stream-lined Athletics and Science Center is situated north of the school, where tennis courts and outside basketball courts once stood. It is across the parking lot, opposite the office, completing a U-shaped campus.

Five state-of-the-art science labs, each with new, modern furnishings, face the campus. The labs are approximately 1,300 square feet. A prep room, with extensive storage and equipment, runs the length behind the five labs.

A long hallway connects the gym, a small office, a concession stand and a dance studio. Sports aficionados will enter the 9,094-square-foot gym beneath the sculptural El Rancho Coyote emblem. The bleachers will seat more than 700 fans for either basketball or volleyball; the gym is fully automated, and equipped for both sports.

The dance studio, at 1,731 square feet, has a sprung floor and Marley surface for dance and musical theater students. All rooms are equipped with a sound system, and visitors commented that even the restrooms are spacious and modern. The outdoor courts and field were also revamped.

The dream, said former Principal John Besta, was under consideration for 10 years, and the swift construction was a testament to the benefits of being a charter school, the good will of neighbors, and the flexibility of the physical education teachers who worked around the construction.

Courtesy of Andrea Mills of the OC Register