Fountain of Truth Church

Fountain of Truth Church


New Ministry Center and Master Plan - AIA awards submittal 2009

Located on vacant property on Citrus Avenue above the 210 freeway, this new Church campus consists of 32,000 square foot first phase Sanctuary, Family Center, Sunday school classrooms, administrative offices, exterior plaza, play field, and 250 paved parking stalls. Single-family residents surround the long and narrow ten acre site. The site has been master planned to accommodate a larger new sanctuary and pre-school facility in future phases.
The building and parking areas are strategically designed to work with existing slopes to maximize existing grades and minimize earthwork. The master plan accommodates stepped design and multiple-level access points. A central plaza is designed to provide a central, large outdoor gathering space. The new sustainable structure is designed with a timeless architecture, and features natural renewable materials, integrated day lighting, high thermal mass, and superior energy efficiency. A water-conserving outdoor baptistry combined with drought resistant landscaping creates an inviting public open space. The project increased building density and use with a minimal footprint, thus resolving neighborhood concerns for views and scale. Building forms were carefully sculpted to eliminate view conflicts from upper foothill homes, and were restricted to 35 feet. Discreet building elevations respect the residential character of the site.

A unique interior design provides a welcoming precedent to visual quality and inspiration. Choruses of exterior window locations creates a playful melody of light within the main foyer, and create a rhythmic fenestration to the building elevations. Most residents will see little or no impact to their existing views because of the deep building set-backs provided. With the rounded gable roof design of the sanctuary, deep setbacks, and terraced pad elevations, the visual impact of the building appropriately meets surrounding community expectations and the need for Church visibility and identity.

Square Footage:


Completion Date:

March 2009

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