Fremont Fire Station No. 11

Fremont Fire Station No. 11

Fremont, CA

The new LEED Silver-certified Fire Station No. 11 located within large box commercial and retail complexes serves the couthern portion of the city’s coverage area. The 1.47-acre site adjacent to an interstate highway is in the flood elevation per FEMA which required extensive grading and importing of material to elevate the building.

The office building across the street was in a scene from Terminator 2. With this information, the station design took on a futuristic look achieved through the edgy massing, material choice and the red light beacons. The station is identified by the two vertical slots representing No. 11 on the high fin wall.

The 2-story fire station consists of a three-bay apparatus room, lobby, staff work areas, and dormitories.

Square Footage:


Completion Date:

August 2010