Pinole Valley High School

Pinole Valley High School

Pinole, CA

The new Pinole Valley High School design approach has been coined as “Historic Modern”.  The Historic aspect is distinguished by employing Ivy League material red brick and Spanish arch forms on the exterior street facade for the community; with a central exterior quad that incorporates both historic and modern spatial concepts, forms and materials. The Modern aspect seeks to accentuate public lobbies, large common areas and signature spaces; with curtain walls, skylights, atriums and light wells to allow students to experience the multistory spaces and bring light into all parts of the building.  To maximize student opportunities for learning; the design provided flexible public spaces both interior and exterior, to energize and enhance learning opportunities for small and large groups.

In regards to energy efficiency, the goal for this project is to exceed title 24 by 25%. To achieve this an HVAC system are air-cooled chillers central plant was utilized, with radiant localize heating units and VAV air-handling units, and insulation values of R-26 for walls and R-45 for roofs. The three story classroom building is oriented north south to maximize day light and minimize heat gain with thermal displacement ventilation systems to reduce the amount of HVAC needed. The classroom’s acoustic goal is 35 decibel for environmental noise level.

To maximize floor area the structure for the three story building uses a side-plate moment frame connections (a hybrid moment frame but uses less steel and has no braced frame).

On the BoardMichael Isidro