Richard Crane Elementary School

Richard Crane Elementary School

Rohnert Park, CA

Phase One: Administration and library building modernization

The administration building will get a facelift by adding new storefront windows and doors; replacing finishes; improving electrical and low voltage systems; updating instructional technology campus-wide with the addition of flat screen TVs and voice enhancement/sound systems; replacing chalkboards with whiteboards; and new translucent panel roof over the atrium.

Library/Innovation Center will receive all new finishes; electrical, low voltage and technology will be updated; new whiteboards; new storefront system; possible new glass operable wall to divide the space to have a smaller pullout classroom.

Phase Two: modernization and site work for the remainder of the campus. Modular Kindergarten classrooms

Dated Classrooms will be transformed into collaborative learning spaces.

Four new modular 1,440 sf kindergarten classrooms are to be built and will have the Thomas Page Academy style and quality.

Students will have new play yard to adventure on. A new monument sign will be added and an electronic marquee.